Cardo's Organic Sprout Farm { 0 images } Created 30 Apr 2011

It's two years since Cardo's home burnt to the ground. Now he sleeps in a metal shipping container at the edge of his 9 acre organic farm. His living area is an open air greenhouse, an old armchair rests jauntily on the bare earth floor collecting leaves as they begin to fall, chillies sun dry in an old bath and at the back of the greenhouse, behind a make-shift sink, a hose is hung for showers. However, when a gas drilling company offered Cardo an immediate $10,000 plus monthly royalties for drilling rights on his land, he turned them down, "I just didn't trust them to do what they said, it just didn't feel right."

Now, volunteers come to join him on the farm. They too, live in makeshift accommodation, tending the land for food. They sell the remainder for pocket change at a market stall in downtown Denton.
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