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As you approach the end of Oak Lane and arrive at Dale Farm in the rural English countryside, the view is not what you'd expect. This week hoards of news vans line the verges, 50 foot scaffold ramparts watch over gates concreted shut, and bailifs line up outside.

Eviction protests peak after a decade of campaigns over the sites legality. Hundreds of residents and activists embed, chaining themselves to structures to deter awaiting police and bailiffs. An eighteen year old activist attaches herself by the neck to the front gate of the site, and others lock their arms inside cars that are filled with concrete.

This is the largest mass eviction of travelling gypsies yet. The local council has set aside 18 million pounds to fund the operation, yet has failed to provide alternative living arrangements for the 400 or so people they plan to make homeless.

Published with: The Telegraph/ Vice Magazine/ Foto8
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