Friends in Low Places { 19 images } Created 30 May 2013

The percentage of veterans in the homeless community is double the representation of veterans in normal society. Around 300,000 veterans sleep rough every night, around 1 million will have been homeless at some point in 2012.

The cracks and alcoves around downtown Houston and Buffalo Bayou have become home to these men. Wrestling with psychological problems, arrest warrants, and an inability to integrate into civilian society, they group together for companionship, and seek solace in a hidden existence. Together they build shelters from scraps of tarpaulin, or scuttle through holes in concrete bridges into the caves beyond. They share the burden of addiction, self medicating the pain of old injuries, or drowning memories in a blur of alcohol or crack cocaine.

Published with: Vice Magazine/ I Love Texas Photo. Exhibited at: Lawndale Arts Center, FotoFest Biennial, Houston/ Exposure Awards, New York/ The Homecoming Project, Austin.
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